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GB3TF finally linked via Fusion (C4FM) to the Internet: 1st December 2016 

It is now operational. . . . 

The Repeater at LWVH is there for all to access. Just to clarify one important point: you don’t have to have a Fusion (C4FM) rig to access worldwide stations, as it also works with an ordinary FM transceiver, albeit with a few less ‘bells and whistles’ – so long as the FM rig can transmit DTMF tones. The list of stations available (there are hundreds) can be found on the Yaesu Wires-X website. It takes a bit of getting used to, but essentially you access GB3TF with the usual ctcss of 103.5Hz, then transmit the hash (#) key tone plus five unique DTMF tones. These stations, nodes and repeaters are listed on the Wires-X website. A series of ‘dashes’ signify you have made the link, and then you can call “listening through…” or whatever. After completing a QSO (or getting no reply!), after several minutes, the link will automatically end by sending a series of ‘dits’. It’s probably good practice to disconnect yourself with the DTMF command ‘#99999’ once you have finished with the link if no one else wishes to continue. Remember also to leave 3-4 seconds between ‘overs’ for the various servers to switch.

Above all, we recommend that you consult the Yaesu Fusion and/or Wires-X websites to learn how the system works!


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