Jared M7JFJ’s GW SOTA activity

Jared M7JFJ has got the SOTA bug and here is his report from a recent activity as part of the GW SOTA weekend.

“Yes, it was great partaking in the GW SOTA day. Very challenging conditions to operate in trying to keep the kit dry but good fun!

Managed to activate SW-041 and SW-002, did try SW-009 but gave up after half an hour with only two contacts.

The benefit of the day was everyone else is out on the summits so you can get plenty of Summit-to-Summit QSOs, in fact I got 10 S2S QSOs, with my first activation being purely from S2S contacts.

In hindsight I should have stayed at SW-002 for longer and called it a day – I did not know that S2S contacts had a value but they do obtain points, I got 34 S2S points. I also could have done with another band/mode to try out when I struggled with the last summit.”

Some photos from the day and maps showing worked stations

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